How Long Does It Take to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube


Getting thousands of subscribers on youtube is a milestone journey that’s different for every creator. Popular influencers will easily get a thousand in a day, while for others, a year may not even be enough to get a hundred. 

Here we’ll break down in pieces how long it takes to get 1,000 subscibers on Youtube and what tips and strategies you can implement to start nourishing your account.

How long does it take to get 1000 subscribers on youtube? 

There is no perfect formula to determine what makes a channel a hit in the youtube platform, considering that there are around 3.7m new videos uploaded everyday. The competition on what channel gets watched more often is definitely a tough nut to crack.

According to VidIQ, it takes an average of 15.5 months to get 1,000 subscribers on a Youtube Channel.

Different factors will account on the number of gained subscribers in a day, or week for instance. The average video views and consistency of the channel are huge aspects in an upward trend on the metric scale.

Thus we analyzed different videos and channels, and collected data and information on the average time it reaches subscribers on youtube, and here’s what we got.

Number of SubscribersAverage Time To AchieveAverage Video Views Needed
10085.5 days (Roughly 3 months)12,970
1,00011.75 months (Roughly 1 year) 129,700
10,000About 5 years (60 months)1,297,000

How fast can a Youtube Channel grow? 

Do you ever wonder how a youtube channel grows? Or what metrics are in scope to determine a channel’s success in the platform? You can grow your channel faster if you follow the other trips and tricks we have here as you scroll down. In fact, a channel can grow 1,000 subscribers in less than 3 months, thanks to algorithm.

These 3 channels had different timelines on growing their accounts to 1,000 subscribers.

Channels Analyzed

Faceless youtube videos have a huge potential to get numerous subscribers in a quicker turn-around time, especially since it’s more niche-focused. There are thousands of faceless youtube channels, that tackles self and personal development and uses animated videos and voiceovers rather than actual video footages, or recording.

Financial Wolf

A channel that talks about entrepreneurship and personal finance, reached 1,000 subscribers in 16 months. 

Visit Channel

  • Started on June 2018
  • 1,000 subscribers on March 2019

Strategy: William Nazarkewich, aka The Financial Wolf, continued on Youtube, despite the low engagement. After months, his video entitled How To Make Over $5,000 A Month Flipping Phones!” got noticed and a reason for this is that people are always interested in knowing how to make money, and finding out non-conventional ways to earn.

Edy Chandra – Compilation Videos

On his compilation video channel, Edy was able to reach 1,000 subscribers in less than 3 months.

  • Started on March 2020
  • 1,000 subscribers on June 2020

Strategy: Edy has about 6 channels, and in his video he tackled about how fast he was able to get 1,000 subscribers. His compilation channel which is purely for entertainment was the fastest to reach the milestone. Why? Probably because the top reason people would go into youtube is to have fun and be entertained. 

Quiz Palace

Quiz Palace is a Channel that highlights entertaining quizzes in a video format.

  • Started on August 23, 2023 
  • 1,000 subscribers on September 16,2023

Strategy: The biggest advantage of Quiz Palace as a channel is its great use of visuals and niche. Its first video to hit a thousand views, entitled  “Can You Guess The Food By Emoji?” is created with a transition tempo making it seem like like you are in an actual quiz game. This helped viewers to easily identify the page’s niche which goes the same for youtube and seo analytics.

With over 61.1 million Youtube Content Creators (according to Social Blade), there’ a tough competition. Content creators will have to utilize other strategies such as tags, video and content optimization, and consistency at most. Hence is it a hinder to achieving success? Definitely not. 

Is 1,000 subscribers doable in less than a year? Yes. But again, the niche, consistency and engagement will always play a vital role in this milestone. 

How to get your first 1,000 YouTube Subscribers 

Hitting the 1,000-subscriber milestone is not a walk in the park. We studied and analyzed specific channels and came up with the following tips to help you on this tedious process.

Establish your Niche

Before starting out on your channel, be clear on what your niche is and focus on it before thinking of corssing it out with other niche-varieties. You want people to come to your channel for what? 

See this example from Smart Family Money.

It’s direct to the point, and even the Channel name is enough to understand what the contents are. The Call to Action is also present right in the youtube channel’s bio, so if you’re thinking of smarter ways to save money, then you’ll definitely hit the subscribe button.

Use searchable titles

People are searching videos on youtube to get information on certain topics, and they will not make long paragraphs for when searching, so before you put titles on your videos, make sure it is exactly what your target viewer will search in the bar.

See this example from Gauging Gadgets.

All the video titles start with “How” which is exactly what common viewers will type in when searching for instructional videos online. 

Make high-quality content

You’ve probably read this tip somewhere else, and every video creator who got success in youtube never missed adding this as a tip for beginners. But what makes a high quality content in the first place? 

High quality contents will vary depending on your niche, and type of videos. Make sure that regardless of what your strategy is, you don’t miss out on making a video that will keep your viewers hooked from start to finish.

This is how Youtube will start displaying your videos to suggested on a viewer’s feed. Ensure that your video has good sound quality, animation (if you’re adding one) and most especially is pleasing to the eye. Avoid unecessary shaky videos or pixelated clips, as it will throw-off your viewers.

This video about creating quality content is a high-quality content itself. It’s broken into parts, so you give your viewers a brief idea on what gets tackled, and both the sound and visual are equally friendly to the eye.

Build a community

If youtube was your business, then your viewers are your customers. You want to keep them engaged and make them feel you are with them in a community so they keep coming back on your channel, whether it’s for entertainment or for information. 

Your community can help you be better on your craft, as often these comments they leave are meant to improve your work and give you more ideas on which contents to do next. This community will be your group of people as you progress on your Youtube journey.

Create engagements

Whether it be 1 or 50, who comments on your video, always find time to engage with each one of them especially since you’re starting out, and you would want to recognize the few people who recognized you and your potential. 

Engagement metrics include views, likes, dislikes, and subscriptions and is a reflection on how frequent your channel or video got interacted to.

How to grow a Youtube Channel fast? 

If growing on youtube is doable and can be done by millions, then you’re thinking, what’s the secret? Is there any hack I should mimic on my channel to get better engagements, or faster subscriber count?

Truth is, you can do every advise you’ve been told and still do not get the results you are looking for. Success in youtube is a mix of luck and dedication. However doesn’t mean you should quit your channel now. Here, you can learn more about what technical points to consider when creating conent.


Consistency is king in any social media platforms, may it be facebook, tiktok and even on youtube. All these platforms rely on algorithm and often it’s a long-term game. If you’re serious about that Youtube channel, then you really have to up you consistency game. 

It’s the foundation in sustaining attention on your videos. While consistency does not necessarily equate to boost in algorithm, it is part of the compounding metrics that can satisfy Youtube algorithm. 

The metrics that determine algorithm, such as views, likes, and average watch time take a while to build up, but consistency can help alleviate this pain point.

Tip: Create a consistent schedule for when you are publishing content on youtube. There are Youtube Planner templates to use, such as this one from Notion.

Video SEO

Learning SEO is a vital skill when navigating the online world. You want your videos to be optimized and even a well-crafted video won’t solely do the trick. We always recommend incoporating keywords that match the content of your video. Video SEO can aid to getting organic views which is what you would want for long-term success.

Tip: Make a keyword search before adding titles and description to your videos. AHREFS is a free tool that you can start with.


Good thumbnails are necesary to keep viewers hooked or to bait a viewer into clicking your videos. First impression lasts. But keep in mind that click-bait thumbnails aren’t sustainable. You’ll want your viewers to not only click the video, but watch it until the end, so you get watch-time and trust from your subscribers.

Refrain from just capping screenshots from your videos, and using it as thumbnails. Make use of design softwaressuch as canva. It does not have to be aesthetic or a 10/10 in the eyes of a graphic artist.

Thumbnails will tap interest to your viewers. It has to be design click-friendly, and like the standard for contents, elaborate a pain point. Look at this few samples of click-worthy thumbnails you might want to use as benchmark.

Neil Patel

He uses a generic template for all his videos, meeting consistency on his channel. As a digital marketing channel, this strategy makes his videos look more professional and informative.

You want your videos to trigger attention, or else your channel is a page waiting to be closed. A good thumbnail helps you catch attention. 

Tip: Look for inspiration and incorporate your branding such as colors, and fonts or typeface to personalize your thumbnail design. There are a lot of free thumbnails in Canva. 

Red Bull

This thumbnail summarizes a unique experience, and apart from it being post-card worthy, viewers will get enticed with the impressive shot, making them want to know more about what the video conveys.

Upload Frequency

It’s better to upload two videos in a week rather than force uploading 30 videos than suddenly quit. When people come across your channel, you’ll want them to know that there’s more to expect rather than just see it as a small time hobby-channel that posts seldomly. 

Often subscribers would want to check on your profile and see if there’s something more than just the video that hooked them into your page in the first place.

Repurpose Content

Youtube Shorts may not be the best platform for repurposed contents but it can still help you gain 8 to 10 subscribers depending on how the short appealed to the people it was shown to. However repurposing content to post it on other social media platforms is an ideal way to direct viewers to your youtube channel as well. 

Often people are more entertained on short-form videosbut this is also your avenue to bring them to youtube and direct them to the whole video. Once the video has piqued their interest, they would gladly do the search to find the whole video so it completes their experience. 

There are editing softwares such as Descript that’s more convenient to use when creating shorts. Here, you’ll only need to choose a paragraph and crop the video vertically, and voila, another content made from one long-form content.

What’s even better is that you can make as many shorts and repurposed content as possible from a long-form content. 

How much money can you make with 1,000 subscribers?

While the Youtube Partner Program for monetization says the need for 1,000 subscribers, it’s not the sole requirement. You’ll also need 4,000 watch hours before you can start monetizing your contents on Youtube. Content creators can earn as much as 55% of the ad revenue from their channel. Another way to earn revenue is if every one of your subscriber views all your videos. This can earn you $18 at the least.

How to create high-quality content?

When you start on youtube, you’ll definitely feeloverwhelmed in the process of content creation, much more the pressure of reaching 1,000 subscribers. Here, we’ll give you a run through of our content creation process.

Draft a script

Depending on your knowledge in creating scripts, you’ll want to have a draft of how the entire video will turn out and what you will discuss or say especially if it’s a sit-down video. There are tools and template you can benchmark from until you’re comofortable tailoring it on your preference.

This training video script template can be a starter.

Make a storyboard

If your videos will be purely sitdowns or fake-podcast type of videos, then you can skip this, but if you plan to incorporate other animations and visuals then better yet create a story board. It doesn’t have to be perfect or graphically enticing, but it must be understandable and digestible by those who will join the video. 

This technique allows you to work on the content more efficiently, as you will have a guide when creating the video. 

This template from creately is easy to use and beginner-friendly. 

Make multiple edit rounds

Once you’re done recording all the shots needed, it’s time for editing all your materials. But before you polish with texts, animations, and transitions, make sure you’ve cut out all the unecessary parts. 

To ensure you don’t miss out on a process, create a routine when editing your videos. We label our first round edit as our cutting process. Here, we’ll cut out all the parts that we don’t need and even the gap frames.

We use descript so instead of watching the whole video, we just base off on the script and cut right away what we do not need.

Add in your transitions,stock footages and texts

Set different markers on where you think you can add overlay of pictures or videos, as well as transitions and texts. If you have a story board, you can easily refer on itso you don’t miss out on adding anything you believe is relevant in adding value to your content.

Choose a good music

Your music will determine the vibe of your video. No matter how good the trending music is, refrain from using such as a background on your video or you’ll be in trouble with copyright claims. 

Software such as Epidemic Sound has royalty-free music which you can use on your videos.


Is it hard to get 1000 YouTube subscribers?

Yes. It’s hard to get 1,000 Youtube subscribers if you don’t have a solid strategy or plan to help your channel stand-out and get recognized. This phase is when you’re still exploring on your niche, what strategies to implement, what content tickles your crowd, so it’s common to experience struggles.

How long does it take to get 500 subscribers on YouTube?

There’s no guaranteed approach to reaching certain number of subscribers on Youtube, may it be 500 or a million. It’s equally important to create videos that will serve your viewers, and be consistent both in your niche, upload frequency and on sharing your videos to other platforms.

Can I get 1,000 subscribers in a month?

It is doable to get 1,000 subscribers in a month but that will take a huge amount of time and effort, since you’re building a community and not just random people following what you post. We’ve seen creators do it, but there are a variety of factors to take into consideration.

How many videos should I upload on YouTube to get 1000 subscribers?

There is no perfect number on how many videos will get you a guaranteed 1,000 subscribers, but we recommend uploading one to two per week, and limit your uploads to one per day. Your channel will always be different, and the quality of your content will be a huge factor to earning subscribers. 

How to gain 1k subscribers fast?

Youtube is a long-term game, and there’s no shortcut to getting a decent amount of subscribers. To fast-track your youtube journey, ensure that you post more often, and in a consistent manner, which includes your niche or topic, visuals and frequency. Do not miss out on sharing to other media platforms as it often provides a huge increment on your amount of views and subscribers.

Can I monetize with 1,000 subscribers?

Reaching the 1,000-subscriber mark is one requirement to being monetized, but you’ll also need 4,000 watch hours before being eligible to apply for monetization. 


If you’re still wondering how long it will take you to get 1,000 subscribers, then you should probably re-read our guide above as we’ve come across all the essential parts you need to know, in boosting your youtube game. Just always keep in mind that it’s never an easy journey, but savoring the process makes each step sweeter and the milestone worthy to be celebrated. 

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