Have a question? Check our frequently asked questions provided below and get answers instantly!

General FAQs

Yes. The site kicks off bots and fake accounts, but we provide only real accounts and users, so there is no problem.
No, their user agreement does not forbid buying engagement or fans, so long as these come from real users like ours.
Figure out what you want—likes, views, subscribers, or a combination—and how many you want. We recommend selecting engagement numbers that make sense given your subscriber base for growth to appear authentic. Pick a package, fill out the payment page, and finish making payment. The estimated window to begin and complete each order varies with size, and will be shown when you order.
No, our site is secure and confidential.
Everywhere, but your video should be open to all countries without restrictions.
Credit or debit cards backed by VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover are accepted. Also options like Google/Apple pay are available. We hope to expand our options to include cryptocurrency in the future.

Service FAQs

Yes. Because our audience is all over the world, your video and profile must be kept public until delivery is complete. If your purchase can't be completed for this reason, you will not be eligible for a refund.
Yes. Often both paid and unpaid followers will unsubscribe from a channel with low activity, so for best results you should post new videos frequently. However, we do have a 30-day guarantee, so any subscribers lost during this period will be replaced.
Yes. We only provide real users and accounts, which prevents problems with YT.
Like the site's overall audience, our subscribers and viewers are from all over the world. This helps your growth look more organic.

Order FAQs

No. You can keep ordering or trying different packages.
Yes. We have preselected packages on the site for convenience, but if these don't work for you, just contact support@videosgrow.com. As long as the amount you want isn't lower than our smallest package, we can arrange it for you.
Yes. We are happy to help troubleshoot any technical difficulties. Please email our support team at support@videosgrow.com and explain the error message or problem in as much detail as you can. You can also attach screenshots.
Delivery times vary based on package size. Please check the package you bought for its estimated delivery time. If it has been longer than the stated time, please email support@videosgrow.com about it, and we'll be happy to investigate and resolve the issue.

Term Delivery FAQs

This varies, but delivery as early as 10 minutes after your payment goes through. In some cases, usually with larger orders, it may take up to 24 hours. If your order doesn't start to show up after 24 hours, please write to support@videosgrow.com.
Unfortunately delivery speed can't be changed. If it's important for you to have an increase by a certain date, we recommend you order in advance and allow the stated delivery time. If it's too late to do that, consider a smaller package. These may have shorter delivery times that will fit your schedule better.
Each package has its own estimated completion time, with smaller orders finishing faster. If the stated delivery window for your selection has closed and you didn't get some or all of your package, please contact support@videosgrow.com, and we'll look into it.

Guarantee & Refund Policy

We guarantee that the services received will match the descriptions of our services on our site and every client has a 30-day guarantee for our service after receiving the order.
To make our clients fully satisfied we have the refill option which is available for 30 days after order delivery.
There are some situations where we will give a refund:
  • The product wasn't delivered. If you want to place a claim, please ensure the stated delivery window has ended, then contact us right away. You must email a claim in writing to support@videosgrow.com, or your order will be marked finished and won't be refunded.
  • The product is not as described. You should write to support@videosgrow.com and explain how your delivered order differs from the description offered on the website. Complaints about things not described on our website will not be considered. Our customer service team will provide support as needed.

When making an order with us, you automatically agree that once your payment is complete, you won't file a dispute or a chargeback against us for any reason.
In the event that you file a dispute or chargeback against us after payment, we reserve the right to cancel all your future orders, ban you from our site, and remove followers or likes already delivered. If you are having an issue with your order, please contact support@videosgrow.com and we will try to help you resolve it.