Good YouTube Names For Couples 


So, you and your partner have decided to start your own YouTube channel after watching many other videos from creators over the years. Firstly, that is a great idea, and know that we are rooting for you. 

However, there are a couple of things to put in order before you begin shooting videos. These things help your channel to be a great one; capturing the hearts and minds of several people across the world.  One such thing is the name of your channel.

As you may have guessed, there are so many things that go into crafting a great name for your channel and we will discuss them below. 

However, first things first, let’s give you a list of over 21 amazing couple YouTube channel name ideas that you can choose from.

  • Our love story
  • Love and flowers
  • Mr X and Mrs Y (your names)
  • Love, faith, and lollies
  • Love languages 
  • Power duo
  • Let’s talk about love 
  • Everything about marriage 
  • Luverboyandgirl
  • Crazy in love 
  • Lovers for life 
  • Boys and flowers
  • Love family
  • What’s popping?
  • Lovers Forever 
  • Forever yours 
  • Yours alone 
  • Amy and Josh (your names)
  • Life together 
  • Bliss and pain
  • No heartbreaks 

While these are all great Youtube names for couples, it’s really important for you to understand the exact process that goes into coming up with a name for your couples channel. We’ll get to that.

But first, let’s answer one burning question.

Why is The Name Of Your Channel So Important?

It is important because it forms a big part of your identity on YouTube. Your channel’s name will be on display on your channel page when you post a video, and when people make searches on YouTube.  Therefore, you want to ensure that the name captures your brand or page identity accurately. You also want to ensure that it is one that will capture the attention of your viewers. 

Important Tips To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Name 

  1. Pick a name that describes or hints at what your channel is about.

Ensure that when anyone sees the name of your channel, they immediately have an idea about the purpose of the channel. For instance, the name of a Couple Channel should not be “Best Football Highlights” or “ Swimming Lessons.”

  1. Choose a name that you can use across platforms.

Typically, your YouTube channel will also have accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, the name you choose on YouTube must be one that will work well on the other platforms where your channel will have an identity.

  1. Learn from others.

Another tip that helps is to check out the names of channels that you like and are doing well to notice what patterns they use. Did they use alliteration or puns? Did they use their personal names?  Questions like these help you to notice a pattern, and from this pattern, you are likely to get an idea that works for you as well.

To help you get started on this, here are some of the most famous couple channels on YouTube that you can draw inspiration from:

  • GoldJuice
  • Jess and Gabriel
  • The Endless Adventure 
  • 2hearts1seoul
  • Sailing La Vagabonde
  • Slice N Rice
  • Flying the Nest
  • RoseEllenDix
  • Married2theReal
  • That Couple Though
  • The WDW Couple
  • LifewithFridariko
  • Couples Academy
  • Trip Couple
  1. Avoid complexities and unnecessary length.

When deciding on a name, it will be good for you to avoid names that are complex to spell or pronounce. Go for something simple. Also, except in exceptional circumstances, it is not ideal for you to have a very long name. Of course, some channels have been able to make it work, but standard practice is to go for something simple, short, and memorable.

  1. Go for a name that is easy to remember.

Some will say go for a name that is “sticky.” According to Backlinko, a top search engine optimization tool, “the more unique your name, the more it will stick in people’s minds.” This means that you should take time to come up with something original. 

One way to get ideas for names like this is to use a YouTube name generator – a tool that helps you create catchy and memorable names. All you have to do is give it a prompt, bearing in mind your channel’s objective, and it will give you different name options along that line. 

  1. Avoid using numbers. 

You may come up with an excellent name and realize that it is taken already, so you may be tempted to add some numbers to make it unique. The simple advice is, “Do not do that.”

Except in rare cases, adding numbers generally makes your account look unprofessional. So, instead of adding numbers, use wordplay to create another unique and fun title.  

  1. Check for availability. 

You don’t want to use a name that is already existing. So check for the availability of the name you come up with to ensure that your channel maintains its originality.

  1. Choose a name that allows growth. 

We know that we mentioned that your name should describe what you do. However, try to avoid a name that is so specific it limits your chances of delving into something else as you grow. For instance, a channel name like “Why we got married?” may be too limiting if, in the future, you want to talk about other aspects of family life. Instead, a name like “love family” will be more ideal.

How to Change Your Name On YouTube 

You may be reading this after already choosing a name, and now you want to make changes. Don’t worry; you are not stuck because YouTube makes provision for a name change. Here is how to do it:

  1. Log into the creator dashboard on YouTube Studio
  2. Click on “Customization”. You will find it on the left margin menu.
  1. Find “Basic info” under the bar that appears after you click “Customization.”
  1. Enter your new channel name in the “Name” field.
  2. After this, click on “Publish”. You will find it on the right of the horizontal menu bar.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I use a fake name for a YouTube Channel?

A: You don’t have to use your real name on YouTube. You can use any name that speaks to the channel. However, you should not intentionally use a name fraudulently to deceive others.  

Q: Does changing the YouTube channel name affect views?

A: Changing your name may significantly affect your views if your audience is already familiar with that name. That is why we advise that you take time to pick the perfect name before you start. However, if you are just starting out, it may not cost much to change your name 

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