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I purchased 5000 YouTube plays out of curiosity to try a new thing; and I must say that I am impressed with the result I got. The views looked natural and organic, the analytics was wonderful, the traffic source came from YouTube Advertising, and my video reached a wider audience. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is on a tight budget and want to gain social proof without breaking the bank.


Am a social media influencer with an unquenchable desire to get popular on YT by getting lots of views for my uploaded videos. This website helped my dreams through this very amazing service. The views I got were of high quality and very safe.


I never knew I could get so much good traffic on YouTube from organic sources until I ordered five thousands of views here for my channel that promotes affiliate products to viewers. I was down and very sad with little views but this website turned things around by providing quality and real YouTube views at a good price. Thumps up!

What If I Want to Buy 5,000 YouTube Views, How Could I Do That?

We all hear stories about entrepreneurs or entertainers who built an online brand based on YouTube videos, but how did they get such a big following in the first place? Did they just get lucky? In a few cases, yes. But some people make their own luck. Creators who buy 5000 YouTube views often receive an organic boost as well, because more hits help you gain authentic fans by influencing the site’s algorithms.

Is It Worth the Money to Get 5000 Views? Who Benefits From Buying Viewers?

You’ll never know if you don’t give it a try, but most of our customers are satisfied with the increase in paid watchers. Are you trying to build a brand for your business? If so, you should definitely consider purchasing some hits. Anyone trying to do the following would probably benefit from gaining watchers:

  • Grow a blog
  • Build a business
  • Expand their reputation as an artist or entertainer
  • Promote a book or product
  • Build a career as a fitness, business, or life coach

How Much Does It Cost to Buy 5000 YT Hits and How Do You Buy Them?

On average this amount of plays is about $25, although prices can vary. You’re already at the best site to buy quality, targeted views, and other amounts are available if you don’t think you need 5k right now.

How Do I Lock Down the Cheapest Price on Real YT Viewers?

Now that you’ve found the best price for 5000 views on YouTube, just go to the tab for YT views. The next steps are easy:

  • Pick the number of hits you want.
  • Then copy and paste your channel or video link.
  • Pay for the package using a credit card or Apple/Google Pay option.
  • You get an email confirmation.
  • Watchers start trickling in over the next 24 hours.

✔️ Is There Any Guarantee if I Buy 5,000 YT Hits?

If you do not receive your order, please contact support ( within 7 days. Because we aim to keep a high retention rate, we do consider refunds in situations where the customer has not received their order or the correct order (in other words, that the purchase is not as described). However, we'd prefer to fix the problem if we can! In most cases, we can simply restart the process. Larger orders are often staggered to avoid tipping off YT's algorithms. (A fast increase in hits on a previously unnoticed video can do this.) So it may take up to 12 days to fulfill the entire amount. However, you should start to see your watches increase within a few days.

❓ Can the Video Sharing Site Ban My Account if I Get 5k Views?

They can't ban you just for getting a lot of YouTube hits, but if they suspect some weren't real, they might. This usually isn't a problem because our accounts are all real. However, if you have a very low count currently, the instant growth may tweak their algorithms. To counteract the risk, you might try a smaller package at first, like 1,000. You can then repeat for the next four weeks to slowly grow your account.

🤩 Why Should I Buy From

We work hard to ensure our customers get the best deal on cheap YouTube views. Additionally, we offer other packages if you also need subscribers, likes, or comments, so you can get everything you need to grow a legit audience right here.
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