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I own a tech YouTube channel. I share information related to all amazing hacks that people can do with their phones and laptops. All my hacks were unique and amazing but unfortunately, I was unable to gain the attention of the public. There were less than one hundred hits on my videos despite being consistent and using all SEO tactics. A friend of mine suggested me to use VideosGrow for more plays. I bought 1000 views and within the next few hours, my video was on the trending list because after the 1k views from more people recognized by videos.


As a digital marketer that has made good feats with Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter running profitable ads for many of my clients, I wanted to start and achieve same with YouTube but failed and wasted a lot on paid ads. I then purchased this service to grow my channel and I am happy it actually helped me get my first thousand views on YouTube. It’s a satisfactory service.


I opened an account on YouTube to promote my business and get some global reach for my business. I did not have much watchers but this order of 1000 has performed the magic. I now have lots of views on my videos with viewers located in various countries. I am daily getting likes and increase in number of subscribers. I will surely order more.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Buy 1,000 YouTube Views, and How?

So you’re feeling bummed because the latest viral video is all over your social media feed, while your videos are lucky to get views in the single digits. How do other people get so many authentic hits? Sometimes, they have a little help to get the ball rolling. If you buy 1000 YouTube views, the extra watchers help the site’s algorithms identify your video as popular, which will help move it in front of more people.

Is Purchasing 1000 YouTube Views Worth the Money? Who Should Buy Viewers?

If you’re wondering this, you’re probably frustrated with your efforts at organic growth. It can be hard—unless you’re incredibly lucky, the odds of a significant, quick increase are pretty low. Some people find it’s worthwhile just because they no longer have to beg their friends and family to watch their clips! But there are many people who benefit from their purchase in other ways. If you’re a blogger, author, webinar host, entertainer, or anyone hoping to grow an audience, you will probably be glad you invested in instant, cheap YouTube views. Buying targeted, quality watchers is a great way to attract new online clients and achieve a high retention rate.

How Much Would It Cost to Purchase 1,000 YT Hits and Where Do I Buy Them?

It varies, but on average this amount of plays is about $6.49. The best place to buy cheap, fast hits is right here. If 1k is too expensive, 500 is another option.

How Can I Get the Cheapest Price on Real YT Viewers?

Once you’ve decided to buy 1000 views, and found the best price (right here), just go to the tab for YT views.

  • After choosing your package, you’ll enter your channel or video link.
  • Next you’ll be asked to pick a payment method, usually credit/debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay.
  • An email confirmation will follow.
  • Watches will start appearing sometime in the next 24 hours.

❓ Can the Video Sharing Site Boot Me If I Paid For 1000 Views?

If the site's algorithms identify a video or account as potentially problematic, they can ban it. As we mentioned above, we have several practices to avoid this issue. One thing that sometimes tips off YT's bots is a tiny account abruptly getting a bunch of new rolls. A solution is to try a smaller package at first, like 500. Done two weeks in a row, this results in a slower, more legit looking rise to one thousand. As you gain organic viewers as well, you may be able to make bigger orders without issue to further increase you numbers. We also only use real accounts. Usually the site's algorithms are more focused on fake accounts and bots.

✔️ Is It Illegal to Buy 1000 Views on YouTube?

No. This is not a crime. But private companies like video sharing sites can make whatever rules they want for their users. (You might recall that end user agreement everyone clicks YES to but never reads? That's what those are for, to explain the rules.) YT can and does ban users for what they believe are paid hits. However, our practices are designed to reduce the odds of your videos being flagged as suspicious. That's why our largest package is only 100,000.

⚡ How Long Does It Take to Get My Cheap 1k Views?

Usually your 1000 YouTube hits will appear in anywhere from 12 hours to 10 days. Since it's not an especially big order, it will probably be toward the faster side of the scale.
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