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VideosGrow is highly recommended. Having a business gets really competitive especially when you are trying to attract your customers by showing them videos related to how your business work. Just like various other startups, I was unable to get more customers. One day I stumbled upon VideosGrow and planned to buy the package of 10k views. You will be surprised to know that not only my YouTube ranking increased but also, I got more customers acknowledging my business. VideosGrow helped me to generate more revenue.


I run a digital marketing firm and have clients that want video ads to offer better understanding to prospective buyers. I decided to try out YouTube after making a good performance on Instagram but I had issues getting much views and engagement for my videos. This order really gave me what I wanted for my videos. I now have more subscribers and I am ordering more 10k views. Thanks for the service.


I was a bit skeptical about this service as it comes with a lesser price tag than the social media service I have been using earlier. Will the quality be acceptable? Won’t I ruin my channel with bad and unsafe views? Those were the questions on my mind even after a colleague had recommended the service. I ordered and I am now happy I did. It is an awesome service.

Do I Really Need to Buy 10,000 YouTube Views, and How Should I Do It?

In today’s fast-paced world, with hours of video being uploaded to the site every minute, it’s hard to get views because it’s hard to get noticed. Using good keywords helps a little, but competition means even that won’t get your work in front of very many people. If you decide to buy 10000 YouTube views, your video will receive a boost in the site’s algorithm that determines where videos are displayed.

Is It Worth It to Purchase 10000 YouTube Views, and What Kinds of People Need to Buy Viewers?

If building a following is important to you or your brand, and you don’t already have a huge following elsewhere online to help you grow organically, buying hits is definitely worth it. Some examples of people who will most benefit from paying for watchers:

  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People who host webinars
  • Authors
  • Entertainers
  • Business, fitness, or life coaches

If you hope to attract clients with a high retention rate, you need to expand your online footprint to include more targeted, quality watchers for your videos.

How Much Is The Cost to Get 10k YT Hits and Where Do I Buy These?

The service cost can vary, but the average price for ten thousand plays is around $50. That’s a great deal on cheap YouTube views. The best site to buy cheap, fast, quality hits is right here.

What Do I Do to Get the Cheapest Price on Real, Low Cost YT Viewers?

Once you’ve decided to buy 10k views on YouTube, the next steps are easy:

  • Click the tab for YT views, then select the package you want.
  • You’ll be asked to add your channel or video link.
  • Then you’ll choose a payment method, such as a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit card or Google/Apple Pay.
  • After that you’ll receive an email confirmation.
  • Watchers should start coming in over the next 24 hours.

✔️ Is Buying 10,000 Views on YouTube Illegal?

No. You can't be arrested for purchasing cheap YT views. However, the website can make and enforce its own rules on its own site, and YT can ban you if they think you're getting paid hits. Don't worry, there are ways to reduce your risk of this happening—see our next FAQ.

❓ Can I Get In Trouble With the Video Sharing Site if I Get 10000 Views?

Yes. If the site's algorithms don't think your growth is authentic, they can ban your account. What do they find suspicious? When a small account suddenly gets a large number of watches in a short period of time, that may be a red flag. If you have, say, 50 rolls currently, getting an instant 10,000 may prove problematic. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can buy a smaller package, like 500 or 1,000 plays, then choose it again each week until you reach the desired number. This allows you to grow in a way that appears legit and organic to the algorithms.

⚡ How Long Does It Take to Receive My 10000 Views?

In most cases, your 10000 YouTube hits will start to increase right away, and be completed within 12 hours to 10 days. Smaller orders usually complete faster. Larger orders are staggered to be less noticeable to the algorithms.
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