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YouTube views make a great difference for those who have run YT channels. Like many other YouTubers, I have been struggling to get enough hits for my videos. So when I heard that I could get 100 views at once for any of my posts, I decided to try it out. And I want to record my sincere gratitude for you help.


This is the best of all the services I ever bought from any social media service provider due to the originality of the views that was delivered. I am happy to be here and I obviously will be growing my YouTube channel with this service. Thanks


I am pleased to have bought 100 pack and found it perfect. Its weird to say that I purchased this service as a reseller because I am reselling the service as a freelance and they all have given a good review about the service. Thanks

Would It Help Me to Buy 100 YouTube Views, and How Do I Do That?

Realistically, you might want to consider a higher number than 100, but yes, it’s helpful in growing your audience. YT is a huge platform that many people have used to promote their businesses or talents. Others have monetized their content through the site’s profit-sharing plan. Either way, YT is now so crowded with people trying to get views that it’s hard to achieve a desired number…if you don’t already have them.

That’s right, YouTube’s algorithms give preference to videos that already have a lot of views when it comes to search standing. So unless you have a huge following somewhere else, you may need to look into purchasing 100 views for YouTube (or more).

So It Is Worth Buying 100 Views on YouTube? Who Should Consider It?

There are countless people making money on YT in one way or another. Here are some situations where you might want to consider instant, paid views:

  • When you want to grow your personal brand
  • To promote products or gain high-retention clients
  • To make money on profit-sharing, where you have to get hits first
  • To build a targeted career as a coach, blogger, businessperson, expert in any topic, entertainer, artist, or author
  • To become an influencer
  • To increase organic growth

What’s the Cost to Purchase 100 YouTube Hits and Where Do I Do That?

This is the best place to buy cheap YouTube views, and it will cost less than $5 for one hundred plays. This is the cheapest way to get real, quality viewers. You can also buy comments, likes, and subscribers as needed.

How Do I Secure the Cheapest Price on Real YT Viewers?

It’s best to choose one of our packages. If you are a newcomer, so this 100 pack is a great place to start promoting your account. It’s fine to order any our package but make sure your video is open to all countries as we have subscribers all over. (About 80% are Europeans or Americans.)

How Do I Order?

If you want a pack with number of one hundred for YouTube or you can’t find suitable one, you can contact, and let them know.

  • Our helpful staff will make you a custom ticket, and then you’ll continue by copying and pasting your video or channel link.
  • Next pick a payment method—Apple/Google Pay or a credit card will be fine.
  • After the transaction is finished, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
  • Then new legit watchers should appear in about 24 hours.

✔️ Can I Get A Guarantee If I Buy 100 Hits?

If you do not receive your order, or all of your order, or feel that it is incorrect in some way, please contact We'll be happy to restart or refund your order if we find that you didn't get it or it wasn't as described.

❓ Can YT Cancel My Account if I Purchase One Hundred Plays?

If they think your growth is too fast to be authentic, they can ban your account. However, this usually doesn't happen over an increase of 100. We do recommend you start with small amounts and gradually increase your orders if you want a large number of new plays.

🔐 Should I Give You My Account Password to Buy 100 YT Views?

No, you should not give out your account passwords online. No one needs your account password to view your videos. We'll ask you for all the info we need when you complete your order.
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