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I and my husband are videographers based in California; we cater for wedding, events and other special occasions. To create an impression on our prospective clients, we decided to build a reputable YouTube views, and we also needed to have social proof that we are fast. VideosGrow delivered 500 views we bought which got our videos has high ranking. We will be checking out their other YouTube services soon, thanks so much.


I have being searching for a trusted and reputable social media service providers for a long time due to high number of fraudulent ones. I got recommendations from a friend about this website and I have just confirmed the service. The 500 views I ordered were safe and delivered fast and promptly. Thanks


This is a test order to consider the quality of the views after I read about this website from a forum online. The test turned out fine and I was amazed to get the best service ever from any social media service website.

Should I Buy 500 YouTube Views, and How Do I Do That?

So you’ve decided to jump into the world of online videos, maybe become an instant viral sensation. Or maybe you just want to grow your audience to help people find you or your products. You’ve been posting videos regularly, creating authentic, quality content, and even bugging your friends to watch and share them. But…your number of hits could best be described as the sound of crickets. Is there a better way? Would it help to buy 500 YouTube views?

Yes. This can add an organic boost to your audience-building efforts by letting the site’s algorithms know your content is engaging people.

Buy 10 YouTube Likes

Is It Worth Paying to Get 500 Views? Who Should Consider It?

If you’re struggling just to get to 500 views on YouTube, a paid bump is exactly what you need to help people find your online content. Buying real hits is the secret weapon of many people who use the platform for their business or brand, including:

  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Authors
  • Business owners
  • Coaches
  • Entertainers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers or webinar hosts

Expanding your audience can help you build high retention rates with followers or clients.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy 500 YouTube Hits and How Would I Do That?

Rates can vary, but on average 500 rolls will cost less than $5. This is the best site to buy fast hits, and you can consider a larger package if the 500 work out well for you.

Another Popular Package – Buy 1000 Youtube Views

How Do I Get the Cheapest Price on 500 Real YouTube Viewers?

  • Copy and paste your channel or video link.
  • Next you’ll enter your payment info – credit and debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover ) or Apple/Google Pay.
  • Shortly after, you’ll get an email confirmation.
  • Then you can sit back and relax while your watch count starts to increase over the next 24 hours.

✔️ Can I Buy Real YT Viewers?

Yes. You will get legit viewers at the cheapest prices. A registered user will click on and roll your video. There is no guarantee that the watcher will like or comment on your videos, but we do offer those services separately.

❓ Can YT Ban My Account if I Purchase 500 Views?

They can enforce their own rules, and they do frown on a sudden increase in traffic on a video or channel with little activity previously. Fortunately 500 is not usually a high enough number to concern their algorithms. As you continue to grow both organically and with targeted purchasing, you can move up to larger amounts as this probably won't be seen as an unusual growth pattern.

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We're dedicated to providing the best deal on cheap YouTube views. If you have any difficulty with your order, or don't see hits showing up after a few days, our customer service department will be happy to help. You can contact them at
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  • Delivery Time 1-4 Days
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