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As a new YouTuber, I have always been skeptical about buying YT views due to the negative reviews I read online. However, I had a different experience when I tried this company. I was amazed at the result I got. Indeed, they are arguably one of the most affordable providers of YouTube view services and perfect for people who need YouTube plays but are on a budget. I'm very impressed and will continue with them for my YouTube promotional services.


This service is great and really helped my YouTube channel become popular and bubbling with so much likes, views and subscribers. I successfully built my channel with the YouTube hits I got from here and am grateful. Thanks!


This is a big order and I am pleased to get all the 100k YouTube views as stipulated and at the right time. I am of course getting the massive effects of the service with increase in video ranking, higher and improved impression and engagements. Am excited and the service is worth the price.

Can I Really Just Buy 100,000 YouTube Views, and How Would That Work?

If you’re wondering about this, you’ve probably recently started a YouTube channel and realized how hard it is to get views for your videos. With YouTube’s algorithms, the more watchers you have, the more people will be offered your video – and the more hits you get. This makes it hard for a new channel to grow organically. You may have heard about possible ways around this problem, and now you’re wondering if you can really buy 100000 YouTube views. The answer is yes.

But is Buying 100000 YouTube Views Really Worth the Money for Me? Who Should Consider It?

How easy will it be for you to get 100000 watches otherwise? Keep in mind that about 300 hours of video is uploaded to the site every minute. Here are some reasons to consider buying hits:

  • Even if you choose keywords carefully, you’ll probably have millions of other videos competing for the same ones.
  • Unless you have a very large following on social media, or get incredibly lucky, it’s unlikely you will get one hundred thousand clicks on your own.
  • Once you get more watchers, your videos will move up in search results, leading to…even more hits.

People just making online videos for friends and family don’t need to buy rolls. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and others seeking to monetize their videos may benefit from purchasing plays. Anyone seeking to grow their channel or reach a large, high retention audience should consider paying for some real, quality viewers.

How Much Would It Cost to buy 100k YouTube Hits and How Would I Do That?

Prices vary, but you can always find the best deals on instant hits right here. On average, if you want to buy 100,000 views, it costs around $299.99. That comes out to around $.004/hit.

How Can I Save Money on Cheap YouTube Views?

This is the best place to get the cheapest prices. First, decide how many legit hits you want. You may want to space them out if you’re buying a large amount—more on that in our FAQs. Here’s how easy it is:

  • Pick how many targeted hits you want.
  • Select the right package.
  • Although this service can be ordered from any country, you should make sure your video is open in all countries.
  • Input a payment method, either credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay.
  • Confirmation will be sent to your email, and your increase in authentic views should accrue in the next 24 hours. It’s that simple!


💡 I Don't See an Option for 100 000 YouTube Views on the List of Packages.

You're right. The largest number you can buy in a package is 20,000. Although you can place a custom order for different amounts than those in the packages, we encourage people to go slowly at first, especially if they have a brand new or low-views account. That's because YT sometimes gets suspicious of accounts that grow too quickly. If you want to get 100k views, we recommend doing it over several weeks—say, 20,000 a week for five weeks, or 10,000 a week for ten weeks, instead of 100000 in a 24-hour period.

❓ So It's True YT Can Ban Me For Paid Views?

Technically, yes. If you get too many views too fast, they may flag this activity, but there's no guarantee what they will do then. For this reason, we encourage people to grow slowly but steadily by making one package purchase a week.

✔️ So Is Buying Views on YT Illegal?

No. There are no laws that say you can't do it. But as a private company, YT can make their own rules about what users can and can't do on their platform, and ban people they don't believe are following the rules. Again, we recommend choosing a reasonable rate of growth for video hits.
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