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I decided to order this 1000 YouTube likes package after I had a really nice experience with my previous orders on this website. Now am more than excited after being convinced of the services rendered here. The likes I got really helped my videos get so much engagement and exposure as my channel also got some good number of subscribers. Thumbs up!


This is a good website and I really enjoyed 1k YT likes delivered to my channel videos. This order was to help me rank higher and give my newly uploaded videos some push upwards and the likes helped me accomplish the task. Outstanding service!


I never realized running a YouTube will require so much promotion and staff. My channel has been up for less than three month and I have always felt I was not getting enough. I requested for help from one famous YouTuber who told me to try out 1000 hearts. And now is can get likes for every video I post almost automatically. I can never thank you enough.

Why Buy 1000 YouTube Likes?

The number of likes on a channel reveals how much viewers appreciate the content. This factor causes other people to click on the video after seeing the numbers. People are more likely to click on videos with more engagements. Ultimately, the more of it you get, the better for your channel.

Also, a video with a lot of activities ranks higher on YouTube’s algorithm. This new status raises the channel’s visibility, bringing more fame and money.

If you want to take your channel to the next level, you’ll need a lot of engagement. You can try your luck with ads, but that’s a gamble. The best route will be to purchase them from a legit website.

Advantages Of Buying 1k YouTube Likes

If you’re dedicated to growing your audience, you’ll need your viewers to interact with your video. This interaction work to make YouTube rank your channel higher, which attracts more subscribers.

Therefore, you should consider buying more engagement to make your content visible. This improvement will be valuable to you if you’re a business or professional YouTuber.

Below are some of the benefits of buying YouTube likes:

  • Social Proof
    It gives your channel an instant boost due to high exposure. This increase in status is because YouTube’s algorithm uplifts videos with more viewer interactions. Therefore, your video will show up whenever someone searches for that type of content. In other words, it’s like nitro in a race car.
  • Raises Your Viewership
    Most people usually hold back from watching videos with low viewer activities. This withdrawal is because the content is perceived as uninteresting. However, buying user interaction changes the whole game for you. Once people come across them on your video, they’ll be compelled to watch, therefore, causing an organic growth.
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website
    If your channel is an extension of your website, buying viewer engagement will be beneficial. Viewers engage with videos that have a high Like rate. It signals to them that the content is interesting since others liked it. Therefore, you can leverage this engagement and channel it to the website that you’re promoting. This strategy works perfectly for eCommerce stores that have attractive products for sale on their online store.

The Cost To Get 1000 Likes

Remember, you need a lot of engagement for your video to rank higher. It’s even possible for your most average video to trend. The average price for 50 likes is usually $2 – $6, depending on the platform. Most cheap platforms take roughly two weeks to deliver the purchase to your video – which is unfortunate.

Fortunately, you can rely on Videosgrow, where you can buy 1000 likes on YouTube for $95. So it’s not something beyond your reach. The platform is swift at delivering and offered a money-back guarantee.

How To Buy 1k Cheap YouTube Likes

All platforms have a unique method for selling interactions. However, Videosgrow remains the best site for high-quality engagement. The service is really fast, safe, and 100% legit.

Below is a brief description of how to buy from our website:

  1. Visit the section for purchasing YT likes then select a package
  2. Include the amount of likes you want to appear in your video
  3. Include the video link and your email
  4. Receive a confirmation email and wait for delivery

The process is hassle-free and will require less than 10 minutes.


❓ Is buying 1000 likes illegal?

It depends on your service provider. YouTube will only ban accounts if they directly violate its regulations. That's why we go the extra mile to provide quality service to customers without ban.

💓 Are the likes fake or real?

All our products are gotten from active accounts around the world. YouTube's algorithm disables accounts that are boosted with bots. That's why we ensure our users get nothing but authentic engagement.

⏱ How long will it take be before my order is done?

Usually, delivers within 24 hours after you pay for the service. However, your order might get delayed depending on the number of like you purchased. Fortunately, you can contact the platform's customer care service to lay any complaints.
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