Terms of Use & Refund Policy


In this Terms of Use, “We”, “Us”, and “Our” refer to MixGrow LTD LTD (Aristofanous str. 5, Kanika Pallace House, office 302, 3031, Limassol, Cyprus). For more information about Us, see “Our Details” at the end of this page and Policy page.

Supplementary terms and circumstances can be applied to additional website sections or particular parts of content on the website or arrangements on our site related to the significant Terms of Service Agreement.

VideosGrow holds the option to settle on changes to our Agreement whenever. Any client who utilizes VideosGrow consents to follow any alteration or modification to the Agreement. This Agreement was last modified on 10/01/20.

We additionally lead you for a visit to our Privacy Policy page in case you have related inquiries or concerns. You may likewise contact us at our address listed above, or using our e-mail address support@videosgrow.com. 

Website Usage

Services provided by VideosGrow (referred to as our “Services.”) are social media engagement services and are presented on the website by views, subscribers, comments, and likes. You can purchase these Services through VideosGrow. Buying from VideosGrow, you consent to make a purchase for the price demonstrated on the website. Then you also state and agree to the next points:

  • You have the right to make the purchase.
  • You will not intentionally utilize your purchase from our website for unlawful or deceitful purposes at all.
  • You have the ability to access and then use the social media account to which the purchase is connected.

Additionally, you consent and recognize that all deals between two sides (Customer – Company) are final. VideosGrow retains the right to provide customers with refunds at our discretion and as per these Terms and Refund Policy, which you can find on our website. Other refunds are also possible only based on the sole discretion of VideosGrow Company.

The services written below are available on VideosGrow. We hold the right to change this list at any time:

  • YouTube Views
  • YouTube Likes
  • YouTube Subscribers
  • YouTube Comments

In the event that you access this site, you consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and every appropriate law and rules. By using this website, you conform to relevant nearby regulations too. It is prohibited to access and use this site if you do not agree with any of these Terms. All materials that you see on this site are ensured by any appropriate brand name and copyright laws.

Privacy Statement

Here, at VideosGrow we always endeavor to ensure your security and privacy at its best. That implies that we will protect your personality and all personal information or data including but not limited to your address, name, email address, phone number, payment method, etc. in accordance with the most recent security procedure and methodology available to us. Additional details regarding our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Payment and Delivery Timeframes

VideosGrow works according to an established Payment and Delivery Policy.  At the point when you buy from VideosGrow any of the services or products we will try to launch the delivery of your order within 24 hours. The total delivery time depends on the type of service or product you want to buy. Each product page will have further details. We will consistently make an endeavor to  deliver your order as appropriately as possible.

All types of Intellectual Property including however not restricted to code, video, sound, images, and text that can be found on VideosGrow are owned and are the sole provenance of VideosGrow. It is ensured by all relevant foreign and US copyright, patent, and trademark laws. All rights belong to VideosGrow or to some other copyright proprietors who have given us express approval to utilize them on our site as we see fit.

Limitation of Liability

Any damages, losses, or liabilities that arise from your use of our Services and Products or your association with VideosGrow are beyond the company’s area of responsibility. You do confirm information and comprehension of this and purchase from us at your own danger.  Your rights to look for the damages coming about because of website failure, shutdown, or viruses are preserved as you are the client of our Service. Also as legitimately identified with this due to unexpected business interference or for loss of profit or information you may seek damages.


Any information/data about our Customers and their respective Client Records can be passed to our employees at our discretion, or legal authorities on their request.

Customers hold the right to demand information they shared with us and duplicates of all Records that we keep. They should provide us with reasonable notification of such a solicitation with the goal for us to go along. We demand that Customers hold duplicates of writing that we issue comparable to the arrangement of our items or administrations. Where it is fitting, we will give the Client composed data, including handouts or record copies that are essential for a settled upon contract if that is advantageous and satisfactory to both parties.

Take the notice that we don’t lease, offer, or offer your own data to any outsider at all, or utilize the email address you give to send you unsolicited messages. Any e-mails that the Company sends will be regarding the arrangement of administrations or items that you paid for and in which you unequivocally communicated an intrigue.


You do consent to repay, hold innocuous, and protect VideosGrow from any cases identified with, emerging out of, or associated with your utilizing VideosGrow or our Services. You should likewise protect the Company, hold it innocuous, and repay it dependent on any cases charging realities that, on the off chance that they are valid, establish an Agreement to penetrate.


You do consent to just utilize the site for legitimate purposes.  You won’t purposely  compromise the webpage’s security, render it unavailable to other people, or harm the site, texts, or services and products we provide. As one of our clients, you consent to shun all activities that may deduct, include, or change the site’s content. You further consent to avoid getting to our content without authorization and won’t utilize our site in any capacity other than how we planned it.

Correction of Inaccuracies 

VideosGrow maintains whatever authority is needed to address any mistakes or blunders inside the site content, and to refresh or change that content whenever without giving past notification. In any case, VideosGrow doesn’t ensure that oversights, mistakes, or errors will be remedied right away.


This Terms of Service Agreement with VideosGrow establishes the total arrangement among all gatherings as it refers to the subject matter contained herein.

Termination of Service

The term of this Agreement will start upon VideosGrow’s acknowledgment of any activity you requested, any order you placed and will end when either party ends it. On the off chance that VideosGrow decides, in its sole prudence, that you’re exposing the framework to manhandle, the Company (without limiting any additional remedies or rights available to it) might pull back your cooperation and also withhold any service from you.

Third-Party Marketing Campaigns

Other marketing campaigns can’t be held while VideosGrow marketing campaign is running. In order to measure the results of marketing campaigns, our Company uses data from the public statistics which may be interfered with by other campaigns. On the off chance that you do choose for run marketing campaign from the other company while VideosGrow provides services then you automatically consent that the Company is responsible for every view, visit, like, fan, follower, comment, and/or vote that you garner during the duration of the VideosGrow marketing campaign.

Site Terms of Use Modifications

The Company, VideosGrow, reserves the right to alter the terms we have laid out from time to time or as we see fit. Your continuing to use our site will signify that you accept any terms adjustment. If we implement any changes to our privacy policy, we will announce these alterations have been made on the home page, and also additional key site pages. If we in any way change how we use our Clients’ Personally Identifiable Information, we will notify our clients by postal mail or email as we deem appropriate. Any privacy policy changes will be posted on our site thirty (30) days prior to these alterations being implemented. We therefore encourage you to re-read this statement regularly.


VideosGrow ensures that the services and products you get from our Company will match the site service description. In addition, every customer has an opportunity to get a 30-day guarantee period relating to the delivery and efficacy of that service following the date that we deliver the order to the client.


Client can get the refund in the next particular situations: 

  • The delivery of the product/service was not successful and effective.  On the off chance that you decide to place the claim please ensure that the stated delivery window has ended, then reach out to us right away. You should email a case recorded as a hard copy to support@videosgrow.com, or we will check your request as conveyed sufficiently and we won’t make the refund.
  • The description of the service/product we provided does not correlate the description on the website. You should then write to support@videosgrow.com and give a clarification of how your conveyed request is not quite the same as the explanation that we gave on the site. Complaints about things we did not explicitly describe on the website will not be considered. The customer service team will offer help as it is required.

When ordering from us, you naturally concur that once you complete your installment, you will not file a chargeback or dispute against VideosGrow for any reason. In the event that you document a chargeback or debate against us after payment, we do maintain all authority to drop the entirety of your future requests, prohibit you from the site, and eliminate any views, likes, subscribers and comments that we have just conveyed.  In case you’re having any noteworthy issue with your request, if it’s not too much trouble contact support@videosgrow.com  and VideosGrow will make an honest effort to help you with a satisfactory resolution.


VideosGrow does provide a refill of ordered services in some cases. If you wish to pursue the refill option:

After the completed delivery, the Client has thirty (30) days to request an order revision. Refinement, also called a Refill, is performed on our part if and when more than 20% of the order activity is no longer present on the Client account.

For instance, if a Client ordered 100 subscribers, and after 20 days had elapsed, 25 unsubscribed and only 75 remained, then the support team can remedy the situation if they receive word of the problem from the Client. 

The support team, upon request, shall provide answers as to when the Client will receive the subscriber Refill.


All complaints regarding services or products should be directed to our service team through support@videosgrow.com. We shall attempt to respond to all complaints expediently and we shall make a sincere effort to alleviate or remedy any issues with the site, services, payment methods, etc. that clients or prospective clients may have. Please include a detailed synopsis of the issue that you’re having when you contact us.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction 

The terms and conditions we have outlined shall be governed according to the laws of the state of New York, USA, as well as all federal laws without regard to any conflict of law principles. By using the website and our products or services, you agree to adhere to any and all applicable laws and statutes. Any action pertaining to the site governance and delivery of our services or products is subject to applicable statutes and laws of New York, USA, and the federal district courts located therein. These courts shall have exclusive provenance and jurisdiction over our conduct and that of our clients when applicable.