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I run a home remedy YouTube channel where I teach people simple tricks to handle common infections like flu. Most people just watch my videos without leaving a comment or liking it. But when I bought comments for one of my videos, I realized more viewers were interested in dropping theirs. Since then, I have always found the services irresistible.


The first time I bought 100 YouTube comments for one of my posts was a real turning point for me. Every video I post becomes viral because I get real comments from real people. Viewers get encouraged to leave their comments when they see others have done so. I have always found promotional services useful.


YouTube is the best channel to become famous through videos. But that only happens if your videos get the right attention. To get around this, I have been buying comments for my posts to get more people interested and that has enabled me get more subscribers. And that is why I appreciate YT promotional services very much.

Why Are Comments Important On YouTube?

YouTubers cherish feedback because they help promote the video and also indicate to the viewers it is worth their time. In other words, it raises the channel’s visibility and reputation.

Another critical role they play is that it lets the viewers interact with the YouTuber. This gesture gives the YouTuber a glance into the mind of his audience. Without feedback, the YouTuber will eventually run out of ideas for youtube videos.

Paying users to interact with your channel makes it look busy, therefore driving more traffic. It eventually causes a snowball effect where other users drop their feedback too.

The Benefits Of Buying 100 YouTube Comments

Undoubtedly, feedback from subscribers aren’t easy to get; you have to earn them. However, this cannot be easy when you’re just starting. That’s why buying multiple feedbacks is relevant. It helps you grow.

Here are some undeniable benefits of buying 100 YouTube comments:

  • More Subscribers
    As stated before, buying YT comments causes a snowball effect. In other words, the busier your comment box, the more subs you get. Potential viewers will watch and subscribe to your channel if it seems busy. This action is based on the concept of “if people want it, then it’s valuable.”
  • Higher Status
    YouTube’s algorithm favors busy channels over dormant ones. Therefore, a certain level of engagement will help boost your video’s status. This means, whenever people search for your kind of content, your video will pop up. This advantage creates more exposure, resulting in more followers.
  • Creates Conversations With Your Audience
    Naturally, people won’t speak in a crowd except someone does it first.Therefore, an empty comment box is a no-no. Consider buying a few hundred feedbacks to stir up some conversation. This action will help grant you access to the minds of your audience. You’ll be able to see what they want and how they want it.

Where To Buy 100 YouTube Comments?

Now you know the positive impact of buying viewer feedbacks, here’s where to get 100 comments – Our site is an innovative platform with the ability to make your channel famous. We have a positive history with thousands of YouTubers worldwide who enjoyed the patronage.

We deliver your purchase within 24 – 48 hours along with a money-back guarantee. You can purchase from our platform with a credit or debit card at any time of the day.

The platform charges $4.99 per 20 comments; therefore, 100 comments is for sale at $35. Their services are truly remarkable.

Although many other websites exist, Videosgrow is the best place to raise your channel’s stats. It is easy-to-use and takes you through the buying process in less than 10 minutes. They also supply to YouTubers worldwide, including the USA, Japan, Canada, Nigeria, Spain, etc.

How To Get 100 YouTube Comments?

Every platform has a unique setup; however, is the easiest to navigate. Below are three simple steps to help you purchase from the platform quickly:

  1. Select a package presents several options ranging from 10 – 100 YT Comments. So, scroll through the platform and select one. Ensure you understand the suitable number of viewer feedbacks you’ll need to boost your video.
  2. Insert the link
    Copy-paste the link of your video into the empty box. You’ll also need to input your email address for confirmation emails and anything of the sort. After that, proceed to the checkout page for payments.
  3. Receive your purchase
    After you complete your purchase, the next step is to wait for the result. It usually takes 24 – 48 hours before you begin to see a busy comment section. For any complaints or inquiries, you can contact the platform’s customer care service via email.

😲 Will YouTube ban my account if I buy 100 comments?

YouTube will deactivate your account only if the activities are fake (bots). So, before you buy cheap interactions from a platform, first check if they're real. Fortunately, we offer our customers nothing less but engagement from active accounts. That's why we're one of the most reliable platforms where you can buy comments without ban.

✨ I live in Madagascar, how can I get real comments here?

Several platforms, including, offer their services to YouTubers worldwide. You can make a purchase whether you're in the USA, UK, India, China, Iraq, Spain, or South-Africa. To save yourself some stress, visit It only takes 10 minutes to complete a purchase there.

💸 How do I pay?

You can purchase a package from by using a debit or credit card. It has several active security measures to ensure a safe transaction. Currently, PayPal or cryptocurrency doesn't work on the platform. However, it will be included eventually.
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