Payment & Delivery Policy

Available Payment Methods

VideosGrow currently accepts the following payment methods: credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. At the moment, we do not accept cryptocurrency or PayPal. If that changes, we will notify our clients and prospective clients by posting the new method prominently on the site.

Payment Security

Any credit card details that you provide, such as the card number and its expiration date, shall be automatically transferred to the paymaster through an encrypted, secure system. VideosGrow shall not grant any other parties access to these details. If you request a refund and it is granted, we will still not make those credit card details fully visible. When you pay with Mastercard or Visa, specialized verification methods (verified by Mastercard Secure Code and Visa respectively) shall offer additional security.

Declining of Payment

Some reasons exist why your attempted payment may not go through. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Limits on the payment number you can make each day
  • International payment restrictions or blockages
  • Internet-imposed payment limits
  • Invalid credit card data
  • Insufficient funds upon which you are drawing
  • 3DS errors
  • Anti-fraud blocking measures

Order and Payment Processing

If you wish to order a service or product from VideosGrow, follow these steps:

  • Select the package you want, and then click the “Buy” or “Buy Now” button that we provide.
  • Insert a link where indicated to the publication or account for which you want the order.
  • Give us your email address where indicated.
  • Enter the credit card information if you’re paying by that method, and confirm your payment through use of the 3DS code, if applicable. Generally, 3DS is only required with Visa or Mastercard payments.
  • You should then receive a prompt payment confirmation email from VideosGrow.

Delivery Terms

The Time of Service Delivery:

Expect a different delivery time depending on which package or service you got from VideosGrow. You should see a time range for the delivery on the order page for each product or service. If you find that delivery is not occurring within that specific time frame, then you should contact us, and we will investigate and attempt to resolve the issue.

Delays in Service or Product Delivery:

There may be delivery delays on occasion. Some reasons for that might be:

  • If there is a large order influx, then the processing time may be somewhat longer than usual.
  • If there are technical changes being implemented by the social network to which we are delivering your order.

Average delay time varies. If your specified delivery period has expired, and you do not see your order, then notify our customer support staff and they will investigate and attempt to fix the problem.

Can the Order Be Delivered in an Expedited Fashion?

We do not offer expedited delivery. We do attempt to deliver the order as quickly as it is prudent to do so. With low server loads, it’s sometimes possible that you will see your order delivered faster than what we specified in the description.

Campaign Duration

Any guarantee cannot be provided by VideosGrow regarding the time needed to complete a marketing campaign successfully. 

Time periods stated on our/associated websites and mentioned in the phone discussions, e-mails or other ways of communication by representatives of our Company should not be interpreted as any guarantees of how much time it will take to finish successfully any marketing campaign. 

The evaluation of marketing campaign duration  which is provided by or by representatives of the company is created to help our customers design future plans. This evaluation is not strict and accurate.

Pausing Campaigns

When you sign up for VideosGrow services, you signal an agreement that VideosGrow retains the right to make a pause in the process of marketing campaign without earlier notification and for any reason as we see fit. However, we try to do our best and supply clients with their orders as safely and quickly as possible. 

Occasionally, circumstances may arise whereby a page will actively lose followers. Other times, a social network may be performing alterations or routine maintenance. If that arises, we shall pause your campaign accordingly. Pausing a campaign does not automatically make you eligible for any full or partial refund.